Nude feminists that are ukrainian and humiliated in Belarus

Nude feminists that are ukrainian and humiliated in Belarus

Activists of Ukraine’s FEMEN motion declare that they certainly were kidnapped after their topless action resistant to the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. The action were held in Belarusian money, Minsk, on 19 december. The ladies have gone back to Ukraine. The chief of the KGB of Belarus, Vadim Zaitsev, stated that his agents had not taken any actions against the Ukrainian women in the meantime. In accordance with him, it had been a provocation that is predetermined the unique solutions of Belarus.

Inna Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko and Alexander Nemchinova arrived in Kiev on night wednesday. The ladies found the capital that is ukrainian followed closely by the Ukrainian consul. The consul arrived in the town of Beki, the Gomel area of Belarus, instantly, after it had been stated that the FEMEN singleparentmeet activists had been remaining here. The ladies said which they was in fact tortured by strangers into the woods, Interfax states with regards to the press assistant associated with the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, Alexander Dikusarov.

The pr release posted on FEMEN’s LiveJournal web page stated that Inna Shevchenko ended up being the first ever to have contacted the motion. The girl stated that she along with her two associates have been seized by unique solutions of Belarus. In accordance with her, the agents blindfolded the ladies and place them within the coach, that has been then traveling through the night. A short while later, the agents took them towards the woodland, poured oil to them and threatened to create them burning. The guys additionally made the Ukrainian women strip nude. The agents additionally threatened all of them with a knife. The ladies stated that the agents had been shooting all of the tortures.

If the males got exhausted by what these people were doing, they took the ladies’s papers and cash and left them alone into the woodland. The feminists were able to discover the nearest town, where they are able to make use of phone.

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