Case Dismissed: Paul Phua Case Trashed as Las Vegas Judge Sends Him Packing

Case Dismissed: Paul Phua Case Trashed as Las Vegas Judge Sends Him Packing

Paul Phua is now free, since the sports case that is betting him happens to be dismissed. But the opera may perhaps not be totally over yet. (Image:

Paul Phua has had lots of highs and lows over the past 12 months, from the raid that led to his arrest last summer in Las vegas, nevada to the increasing amount of proof against him considered become inadmissible in court in current months.

Today, though, it would appear that the Malaysian businessman and poker player has arrived away on top once and for all.

US District Judge Andrew Gordon dismissed the charges against Phua on Monday, ending a almost year-long court battle over an alleged illegal World Cup activities betting band that was being come to an end of a Caesars Palace villa on the nevada Strip.

Judge Gordon made a decision after prosecutors admitted that their instance was dropping aside due to the volume of evidence that they could not any longer utilize against Phua in court.

Prohibited Search, Doomed Case

Gordon had ruled that evidence seized from three villas getting used by Phua and his associates had been tainted, as it was the fruit of a unlawful search conducted before the raid. That search was undertaken after the FBI worked with gaming officials to take off Internet usage of the villas, causing the occupants to call for tech support and agents that are allowing enter underneath the guise of being repair workers Continue reading